Professional Resource Catalog

Professional Resource Catalog

The Professionalism Resource Catalogue (PRC) resides at the very center of the UMMC Quality Enhancement Plan which is designed to incorporate professionalism content into the curricula of UMMC’s schools. The catalogue houses a collection of individual curriculum elements intended to be embedded into existing core content instruction. These elements span a wide spectrum of professionalism, ethics, and human engagement topics as they relate to health care practice and research. Each element is designed to be used, either as is or modified, by regular (content expert) course instructors. Embedding professionalism seamlessly into course content, and presented by experts within each discipline, sends the clear message that professionalism, ethics, and engagement are indeed integral parts of what clinicians and investigators do in the course of their daily activities.

The elements of the PRC include individual slides of concepts and terms, complete PowerPoint presentations covering specific topics, small group activities, classroom exercises, films with discussion points, and an extensive annotated bibliography. Course coordinators and instructors are encouraged to peruse the catalogue and identify elements that can be embedded into their own courses or lectures. The staff of the CBMH is available to assist any faculty member in identifying or developing discipline and stage specific professionalism content for their instruction of activities. In addition, we encourage faculty who have already developed this type of content to share it with the CBMH so that we can make it available to other UMMC faculty. For more information about the PRC, contact us at (601) 815-4964 or

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File NameCurriculum ElementFormatDate Updated
A Physician Charter.pdf PDF 1/27/2017
MSRP RCR.pptx PowerPoint 1/27/2017
Academic Integrity Statements.docx Word 1/27/2017
Avoiding Pitfalls in Clinical Trials.ppt PowerPoint 1/27/2017
BaFa BaFa Simulation.docx Word 1/27/2017
Business Etiquette.pptx PowerPoint 1/27/2017
Validation of an Instrument to Measure Pharmacy and Medical Students.docx Word 1/27/2017
Case of Verbally Abuse Physician.pdf PDF 1/27/2017
Cat's Cradle.docx Word 1/30/2017
Case Report.docx Word 1/27/2017
Communications Style Guide.pdf PDF 1/27/2017
Consultation Ethics.pptx PowerPoint 1/27/2017
Contagion_Panic In The Streets.docx Word 1/27/2017
Ethical Issues in Clinical Surgery.docx Word 1/27/2017
Ethics Literacy Test.docx Word 1/27/2017
Expectations of Professionalism - SGSHS.pptx PowerPoint 1/27/2017
Expectations of Professionalism - SHRP.pptx PowerPoint 1/27/2017
Expectations of Professionalism - SOM.pptx PowerPoint 1/27/2017
Faculty Covenant.pdf PDF 1/27/2017
Health Literacy power point Intro.ppt PowerPoint 1/27/2017
Health Literacy power point Practical Steps.ppt PowerPoint 1/27/2017
SOD Honor Code.docx Word 1/27/2017
SGHS Honor Code.docx Word 1/27/2017
SOM Honor Code.docx Word 1/27/2017
SON Honor Code.docx Word 1/27/2017
Informed Consent II.docx Word 1/27/2017
Moral Boundaries of Biological Engineering.pdf PDF 1/27/2017
Maternal Fetal Conflict Case.docx Word 1/30/2017
Medical Professionalism - Best Practices.docx Word 1/27/2017
Merchants-of-Doubt-College-Study-Guide.pdf PDF 1/27/2017
Moral Judgment Test.docx Word 1/27/2017
Impact of Nurse-Physician Disruptive Behavior - Journal Article.pdf PDF 1/27/2017
OT PT Case Studies.docx Word 1/30/2017
Once When I Was On Call....pdf PDF 1/27/2017
Operating Room Attire.docx Word 1/27/2017
PTProfessionalismPatientSurvey.doc Word 1/27/2017
PRCPrinciplism.pptx PowerPoint 1/27/2017
Professional Conduct Physical Exam.pptx PowerPoint 1/27/2017
Professionalism and the CV or Resume.pptx PowerPoint 1/27/2017
Professionalism Assessment Tool - SGHS.docx Word 1/27/2017
Professionalism Assessment Tool - SOM.docx Word 1/27/2017
Professionalism Environment Assessment.pptx PowerPoint 1/27/2017
Professionalism in Medical Education.pdf PDF 1/27/2017
Public Health Ethics 1.ppt PowerPoint 1/27/2017
Public Health Ethics 2.ppt PowerPoint 1/27/2017
Office of Research Integrity RCR.docx Word 1/27/2017
Authorship - Responsible Conduct of Research.pdf PDF 1/27/2017
Learning Environment Measure.pdf PDF 1/27/2017
Taking a Routine Sexual History.pptx PowerPoint 1/30/2017